Comments from Pubillionaires

My friend Mike sent me a letter and I was really excited to open it.  When I did my hands and floor were covered in a billion pubes.  He also added a nice note: 

"Hey Timmy,

I got these pubes from the guy I saw your Mom blowing at the gas station.  Happy Birthday!" 

All I can say is thanks Mike for making me a Pubillionaire!

- Timmy Donagan, Boston, MA


I was at work and I had a letter addressed from my 5 year old son sitting on my desk.  I opened the letter and it was a crayon drawing of a huge cock and a simply stated "FUCK YOU."  I was also showered with about a billion pubes.  The cherry on the sundae was that I had a group of my coworkers gathered around to watch me open the letter.  

- Proud Pubillionaire